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Haiku Web Services is Now Desert Foothills Digital

Desert Foothills Digital Welcomes Haiku Web Services Customers

Lia Kay Barrad has retired and is happily passing the web development baton to Desert Foothills Digital, who has acquired Haiku Web Services. We would love to help you with your digital marketing during the transition including: SEO, local search, web development, and social media. 

Desert Foothills Digital Is Trained in the Haiku Formula for Website Success

( Code + Content + Branding) = Customers = Conversation

Efficiently Transition to Desert Foothills Digital

Haiku Web Services and Desert Foothills Digital have an excellent working relationship. We can easily transfer your projects and action items so you don’t miss a beat. 


What Our Clients Have to Say

I've worked with Desert Foothills for a year and it has been an absolutely pleasure. The team is very good about sharing their ideas, they are fabulous at working within a budget. You give a task and it will be completed. Desert Foothills is very in touch with your concerns as a business owner . They will take on your business as if it is their own. I would recommend Desert Foothills Digital Marketing Agency.
Rhonda Peoples
VP of Sales
Loved every moment of working with Jeremy and desert foothills digital. 🙂 He’s an absolute joy to work with and when it comes to SEO and digital marketing campaigns- he knows his stuff. It’s absolutely been a pleasure and the Rerouted team and I are looking forward to working with him again. 🙂
Chap Grubb
Jeremy has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He comes in with a smile every morning and brings so much enthusiasm to our projects. When we are brainstorming, he has great ideas but also builds off other people’s ideas to make it a truly collaborative effort. Jeremy takes initiative to learn new skills and expand his expertise in digital marketing and has become very good at what he does with no formal training. He is a great member of the team in many ways.
Jenna Stadsvold
Content Coordinator
Jeremy did a great job for when we outsourced much of our digital marketing initiatives to him. He really gets the digital marketing landscape and is also good at content generation, which is a perfect mix of skills. His SEO and PPC programs for us were very successful.
Steve Colberg
Marketing Manager
It has been great working with the Desert Foothills team on our digital marketing, it has has been especially great having someone so knowledgeable about SEO. I highly recommend working with them for all your digital marketing needs, Jeremy and his team are great!
Samantha Brown
VP of Marketing
Jeremy is an incredible value add for our business, Rerouted Co. He built our SEO marketing strategy from the ground up. Always professional and timely he and his team worked extremely hard and we never would have known they had other clients. You get the full attention and dedication of Jeremy and his co-workers for all your needs!
Chris Wilsey
VP of Finance
Jeremy brings positive outlook and attitude to any situation. Working with him was a truly wonderful experience. I knew that no matter what I was approaching him for, he'd be happy to help. If I was going to him to ask how to write a complex formula in Excel or approaching him to give him constructive feedback on one of his projects, I would be met with a genuine smile and appreciation. Jeremy is the type of employee is hard to come by and I'm grateful to have had the chance to work with him.
Dana Schenhoffer
Key Account Manager
Working with Jeremy is easily one of the highlights during my time at Head Rush Technologies. His tireless work ethic, his desire to see each project through to fruition and his ability to work autonomously all made the Marketing team stronger. All of Jeremy’s projects were executed in pursuit of perfection and with concise and enlightening data to back them up. Whether it’s blog writing, PPC ads, organic SEO strategy, or industry research he always produces tangible results.
Leyla Sarper
Social Media & Marketing Coordinator